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The RevTeQ Story

We believe that the top performing sellers of the future will thrive through using sales technology effectively. According to Gartner, this gives sellers up to 27% more time - boosting their productivity.

At the same time the biggest hurdle to adoption of sales technology by revenue organisations is the resistance to change. As a result revenue teams are leaving money on the table.

That's why we founded RevTeQ Consulting. We are Guy and Mark, bringing over 35 years of combined experience in individual contributor roles and commercial leadership within the IT/tech sector.

With a deep passion for new technologies and AI, we leverage our expertise to empower revenue teams.

At RevTeQ Consulting, we are dedicated to implementing tech solutions that enhance sales processes and support revenue leaders, making a real impact in the world of tech-powered sales.
Our consultants are all (former) business to business sales, commercial managers, operations specialists and business development leaders. By leveraging their expertise and experience, our customers grow their revenue, improve efficiency and increase profitability.

Meet The Team


Guy Timmers 

Guy has garnered extensive experience over the past 20 years in building, restructuring, and managing revenue organizations. His background spans from corporate giants like Microsoft and Amazon to scale-ups like Mendix, overseeing marketing, sales, customer success, and operations. Guy is an ideal partner for executive teams in crafting and implementing commercial strategies. Additionally, he serves as an interim manager for CCO and CRO positions.


Mark Zoet 

Mark brings over 13 years of experience in B2B sales within the IT/SaaS sector, with roles spanning from BDR to Account Executive and EMEA Sales Leadership. At Siteimprove, he played a significant role in escalating revenue from 0 to 100M ARR. Since 2023, Mark has been driving sales strategy, development, and revenue enablement for startups and scale-ups.

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Allye O'Brien 

Allye has over 10 years at high-growth organizations, Allye demonstrated exceptional leadership in managing teams across volume and enterprise segments. Her career transition from sales to revenue operations, showcases her ability to lead with strategic insights and optimize outbound operations. She has 10 years Salesloft experience.


Mart Vissers

With over 12 years in the tech sector, Mart has excelled in strategy, digital marketing, and growth roles. His leadership as VP Marketing at Onegini was pivotal in their growth from 1 to 10M EUR ARR, culminating in a merger with i-Welcome and a successful sale to Thales. Since 2022, Mart has been instrumental in accelerating the growth of B2B start-ups and scale-ups. 


Jurgen de Groot 

Jurgen de Groot has with over a decade of experience in sales. As a seller, Sales Manager and Coach. He specializes in BDR management, excelling in refining sales strategies and processes. Jurgen is Salesloft-certified.

Ready to take action?

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Our values

All About You

We start with understanding your needs, then work our way back to create solutions. Your trust is our priority, and we’re all about keeping you satisfied.  

Own It

When we improve your sales organization, we take full ownership of the process. Your success is our success.

Make a Difference

We focus on what really matters for the business, deliver it well, and on time. When faced with setbacks, we rise to the occasion and keep pushing forward. 

Get Moving

In our fast-paced world, speed is key. We value swift action and calculated risk-taking to keep the momentum going.

Dive In and Stay Curious

We dive deep to understand your business. Stay curious, explore new possibilities, and act on them.

Laughter Links

We love a good laugh—it's how we bond with our teams and customers. Sharing a joke or two not only lightens the mood, but brings us closer, creating a fun and tight-knit community.